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Auto-adapts to enhance natural shine and protect scalp health1

JISOO using the Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer

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Pioneering technology.
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Latest technology

Achieve Glass Hair Shine with the Dyson Airstrait™

Natural straight styles.
No hot plates.
No heat damage.1

A woman using a Dyson Airstrait straightener to dry and straighten a tress of her hair.

New colour

Dyson hair care technology in limited edition Ceramic pink and rose gold.

Complimentary presentation case worth 1,890,000₫

The Dyson hair care range in Ceramic pink and rose gold.
Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde logo

Delivers HEPA purified air in large spaces up to 100m². Quietly1

Captures dust, allergens and 99.95% of ultrafine particles as small as PM0.12

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde in a large space.

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1 Tested in accordance with IEC62885-4 Cl5.8 and Cl5.9 dust loaded and tested in boost mode at the inlet.
2 Laser engineered for hard floors. Effectiveness of laser influenced by ambient light conditions, debris type and surface.
1 Dyson purifiers were challenged with airborne influenza A (H1N1 virus) and MS2 bacteriophage at an independent lab, using a 30 m3 chamber for 60 minutes at maximum fan speed. Real-life efficacy may vary.
2 Dyson purifiers were challenged with airborne SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) at an independent lab, using a 0.37 m3 chamber for 90 seconds. Dyson Purifiers were also challenged with Phi-6 bacteriophage (a surrogate to test SARS-CoV-2) at independent labs, using a 30 m3 chamber. After 90 minutes at maximum fan speed, the airborne concentration in the chamber was reduced by 99.9 %. Real-life efficacy may vary.
3 Third party full machine testing based on GB/T 18801-2015 formaldehyde cumulative clean mass testing with continuous injection until plateau of formaldehyde CADR is achieved. Results may vary in practice.
4 Tested for filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822, ISO29463).
5 Tested for removal of grilled salmon and Korean barbeque odour, cat urine odour, tobacco smoke odour and garbage smell to EN 13725.