1. Your order will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery date (and time slot if applicable) set out in the confirmation at the delivery address indicated by you in your purchase order.


2. You will be informed if the Company is unable to make the delivery within the specified period. Nonetheless, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred for any late delivery.


3. When the delivery is made, you are required to sign on approval to the delivery and you may contact the Customer Service Division, if there is any mistake, fault or damage incurred to the Products and you are required to provide the delivery documents together with the Products to us when requested.


4. Please be informed that the Company may be unable to deliver the Products to some areas, such as natural disaster area etc. In such case, the Company will inform you when you have made the purchase order.

The Company will cancel your purchase order or make the delivery to the secondary address that you provide to us them when the purchase order is made.


5. Delivery will be made with the standard packaging method.

If you request any specific packaging, you agree to pay for the additional expenses incurred.


6. The risk in the Products will be passed to you immediately when the delivery is accepted unless the delivery is late because you have breached your obligations under the agreement (such as Clause 9.8), in such event, the risk will pass to you on the original date that the delivery should have been made. When the risk is passed to you, we will not take responsibility for any loss or damage of such Products. Any breach of your obligations may affect your ability to make the purchase order through this website in the future.


7. If you are not ready to accept the delivery for the Products, the Company may issue a notice to inform you about the next delivery or you may have to take the Products from the delivery service provider.


8. If the delivery or acceptance of Products is delayed due to your denial without any justification to accept the Products delivered or you have not accepted (within two weeks since the first delivery attempt) the delivery or the Products from the delivery service provider, the Company may (without any effect on any right or remedy available) undertake either following actions or both:

a) Charge a fee or any other expense reasonably incurred; or

b) Make no delivery or cancel the delivery and the Company will inform you immediately on the cancellation of the related agreement which the Company will give you a refund or to the credit card company or your debit card as applicable for any amount that you have paid to them under such agreement with a deduction of an amount for operating expenses (including the expenses of the attempted delivery and return of the Products and retention charge as provided in Clause 9.8 (a) above). You accept that such Products are in accordance with the general standard and are not made to satisfy your specific requirements that you may have.


9. Cancellation by the customer (in the case where you have changed your mind before the Products are delivered). If you want to cancel the purchase order, please contact without any cancellation fee.

If the Products under the purchase order have been delivered, the cancellation may not be possible and such Products shall be returned to the Company in accordance with the Return of Products and Refund Policy.


10. Estimated Delivery times for the Products

Free delivery for every purchase order.

Delivery time Ho Chi Minh and vicinity 2-3 working days Other provinces 3-7 working days

(Excluding Saturday-Sunday and traditional holidays)